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Japan Orginal

Rising in Japan!

Rising Birds Japan (RBJ) is flying to discover hidden gems in Japan. Japanese art/manga/anime had a major influence on NFT space with almost 15% of NFT projects being inspired by Japanese culture/art. However, there is no blue-chip NFT project that originated in Japan.




RBJ will uncover this mystery with the support of the Proof community. We believe that there is Treasure hidden in Japan and we are here to uncover them all. We aim to bring Japan-based art back to moonbirds nest through RBJ curated: project name “RISE”

*Curator Leads


Our “Nakama” is our friends whom we met through web3 space sharing the RBJ vision of expanding and giving value to the Japanese community.

Global Lead Curators

Japanese Curators


Everything about Rising Birds


Project: RISE

“RISE” by RBJ will give super-talented Japanese Artists and creators the opportunity to showcase their art Globally with the support of Proof / moonbirds / oddities community.

NAKAMA : Curators

We hand-selected curators leads who share the same Vision. But our curator doesn’t end there,  RBJ community members will be participating in the curation process as well!


We believe in the power of culture, community, and people. We will always give back to members who participate and share value with others. We will continue to hold IRL events throughout the years!


RBJ is all about equality. The whole reason we love web3 space is that everyone starts from ZERO. No one is above or better than others, we all start from scratch. RBJ always welcomes all people who share the same vision!

Project: ``himitsu kichi``

Himitsu-Kichi is a secret hideout in JAPAN that only the PROOF/RBJ community is able to enter.

Rising Birds NFT?

Our priority is to take care of members who believed in our team and vision. Building community together organically. Trust in the process. RBJ NFT project will come soooooon….


Rising Birds Founders

Terry T

8 ships/Rising birds – Founder
Started an educational company in 2004, and a mentor program in 2010 to bring Japanese culture globally. Referred to as “The Samurai from Edo” by his close friends. All he cares about is how to create/give value back to all the people in the community and have fun doing it. Life is simple.

Just a Japanese girl - Em

8ships/Rising birds – co-founder
Emily is one of the few who graduated from Terry’s Edo mentor program. Created an English Speaking program for Japanese. She has the superpower to get along with anyone and spread positivity. Understands everything starts with people and community!


Can anybody Join RBJ?

Yes, anyone can join the RBJ community. Just join Discord from the bottom of this page.

Do you have to Speak Japanese to join?

Don’t have to speak Japanese, we are a bilingual community.

how to apply for Curator program ``RISE``?

You can apply from here! Application.

Do you have to be Japanese to submit art to ``RISE``?

No, you don’t have to be Japanese. However, you must be Japan-based or Japanese-themed to be able to submit.

Is this only for 1 of 1 Art?

No, we support various kinds of Art. We support 1/1 art, 3D/VR art, photographs, fashion, and collectives!

Is this on going or is there set date to apply to ``RISE``?

The  “RISE” curation process will be ongoing throughout the year. The first curated art collection is TBA.